Budo Buki is committed to providing quality handmade, affordable, padded training tools for the martial arts community. Through a great deal of research, we have developed strong, lightweight, durable products for Budo training. Seeing a lack of safe training tools on the market, we decided to fill the need with our line of covered and padded swords, staffs and long tools.

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Plenty of new stuff here at www.budobuki.com!! We just finished work and testing on a Kamayari…looks great, feels great and took some serious punishment and survived!! We have access to some nice tsuba and we are trying to get the … Continue reading

Swords Set


Our padded shinai collection (Shoto, Shinobigatana, Katana, Dai-katana)
  • Shoto: Handle: 7" Blade: 15" Overall: 22"
  • Shinobigatana: Handle: 11" Blade: 20.5" Overall: 31.5"
  • Katana: Handle: 11" Blade: 29" Overall: 40"
  • Dai-katana: Handle: 13" Blade: 36" Overall: 49"

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