Budo Buki is committed to providing quality handmade, affordable, padded training tools for the martial arts community. Through a great deal of research, we have developed strong, lightweight, durable products for Budo training. Seeing a lack of safe training tools on the market, we decided to fill the need with our line of covered and padded swords, staffs and long tools.

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Plenty of new stuff here at www.budobuki.com!! We just finished work and testing on a Kamayari…looks great, feels great and took some serious punishment and survived!! We have access to some nice tsuba and we are trying to get the … Continue reading

Sticks Set

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Our 3 padded staffs (Hanbo, Jo, Bo)
  • Hanbo: Length 36"
  • Jo: Length 48" - 60" (select length below)
  • Bo: Length 72"
We're proud to offer you the bo as part of the sticks set and would love to put one in your hands but, due to changes to international shipping rules, shipping items longer than 5 feet to regions outside of the United States is variable and we need to provide you with a shipping quote. Please contact us if you are interested in this set.

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